The Wonderful World of Backpacks - An Essential Guide

Backpack styles have definitely come a long way. Such a long way, in fact, that outdated styles have even made their return to fashion. As you look for a suitable backpack in London, you might be overwhelmed by just how many kinds there are.

But don’t worry. Whether it’s for form or function, we are here to guide you through the many styles, trends, and purposes of the trusty old backpack.

Daily Workhorses 

  • Laptop Backpack

  • Let’s start with the one that fits the times we live in. Laptop Backpacks are the new book bags. Pop into any college lecture room (and sometimes office), and you’ll see dozens of this style of backpack. Suitable for the technological world, this style of backpack is made to protect your laptop and other gadgets with its sizable compartments and padded sleeves. 

  • Satchel Backpack

  • Named after the classic leather bag it resembles, a satchel backpack is an alternative to a canvas messenger bag. It has a flap secured by a double buckle. Depending on the size, it could even hold your laptop or tablet, albeit not offering as much protection as a laptop backpack’s padded sleeves.

  • Knapsack

  • A Knapsack is the smaller sibling of the rucksack. Its classic style offers security with a drawstring enclosure and a flap over it that may be fastened, snapped, or tied—a great choice for a daily backpack.

  • Sling Backpack

  • An attractive choice for those who prefer ease of use. This backpack is made for comfort. With its plethora of pockets and compartments and a design made to fit your body contour, walking around London with your items organized and intact has never been more comfortable.

  • Designer Backpack Purses

  • One of the trendier choices, and rightfully so. A backpack purse offers a versatile design. Playing around with the straps allows you to wear it on your back, your shoulder or crossbody while removing the straps altogether and using the top handle allows you to carry it like a purse.

  • The Mini Backpack

  • Not to be mistaken with backpack purses, the mini backpack has the same versatile design except with a smaller, chic look.

    The Travellers’ Choice

  • Hiking Backpacks

  • A little more functional than the rest,  Hiking Backpacks are for those with a lot more to consider. Capacity, the weight you plan to carry, the length of the trek, your body shape all play a part in your journey of choosing the right one for you. There are also hiking backpacks that are made specifically for carrying different survival tools and sleeping bags. Some even have special compartments for liquids that connect to a straw—our advice: write down your specific necessities before trying the backpacks on for size.

  • Travel Backpacks

  • As the name suggests, this style is essential for jet setters. With sizing to meet airline travel requirements and its combination of straps and buckles for security, The ravel backpack is designed specifically to give any traveller peace of mind.

  • Rucksack

  • A rucksack is a classic often used in hikes. It’s a bulky-looking backpack that can fit a lot of items in its sack while enclosed by a top flap and buckle.

  • Rolltop Backpack

  • A rolltop backpack is another versatile choice for sizing. Usually large in size, it can still accommodate any amount of items, because as the name suggests, the top of the backpack can be rolled down the rest of the unused space and secured with clips or straps to keep your items safe from the elements.


    As you can see, the types and styles of backpacks really have come a long way. Thanks to the myriad of offerings to choose from, shopping for your own backpack has never been more exciting and expressive. We hope this list offers you help in some way. Good luck on your journey!

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