The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Perfect Messenger Bag

Who wants to carry a bag that can’t fit all your belongings? The idea of having a bag is so that you can free your hands to do other things, so sporting a small purse doesn’t seem very practical, especially if you’re running errands.

Backpacks and tote bags are popular choices for everyday use. However, the former is not convenient when commuting or going to packed and crowded places. On the other hand, the tote bag is known for having a bottomless pit resembling the Bermuda Triangle—good luck finding your wallet or keys once they got lost down there.

The messenger bag is a crossover of functionality and style. There’s a reason why it remains a classic. Sit back as we list the things to look out for when finding the one that suits you best.

Size Matters

There are things you practically can’t live without, and naturally, you bring them every day. So, the messenger bag you pick should fit all those items conveniently. There’s nothing wrong with choosing a bigger bag, but it can tempt you to bring more stuff than you need just because your bag can still hold it. Simply put, you must find the right balance when choosing how big your messenger bag should be. 

Mind the Material

Canvas messenger bags are for casual occasions and meet-ups that don’t usually require you to dress fancy. They are handy, easy to carry, low maintenance and easy to clean. On the other hand, leather messenger bags are for a more formal affair where you have to suit up and look dashing. Leather is durable and has a premium feel. These bags can be quite an investment, but they are worth the splurge.

Go for a Classic Design

Your messenger bag should complement what you are wearing. Be mindful of its style and colour. Opt for something that matches your shoes and clothes. Simpler is always better, especially if you want a clean dapper look. 

Pockets and Compartments

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a bag that carries everything you need while keeping your things handy and organised? That’s what messenger bags are for. Most have multiple pockets where you can put all your essentials without mixing them up. If you need to work while travelling, choose something that has a protective compartment for your laptop and a small pocket for a power bank, too. 

Zip it

Your bag carries all your valuables, so it’s only fitting to choose something with ample protection, like zippers and locks. Aside from picking a reliable and high-quality material, having extra security is something you should always be looking for when buying a messenger bag. 


No matter what your preference is, there’s a messenger bag that fits your needs. We hope this list helped you choose what style and kind you want, so you can conveniently go about your daily life. 

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