The 6 Types of Bag That Every Gentleman Should Carry

We can all say that a lot of men love to use one trusted bag for every occasion he attends. Whether to work, strolling the mall, going to the beach, dinner dates and even during special occasions (and sometimes, even formal gatherings!). With an all-in-one bag that they can use every single time, the fundamental question that comes to their mind is why would they buy another one if they already have one?

Men also need different kinds of bags depending on where they are going and what things they are carrying. We know this may sound confusing, but bags work similarly to accessories, such as shoes and watches. You don’t need a full collection of bags and accessories, but you need to have at least one bag you can use for a particular occasion, trip or purpose. 

That being said, here are six types of bags every man should have.

  • Messenger Bags

  • Messenger bags are convenient bags that are usually synonymous with middle-aged commuters, delivery men and even paperboys. It is comfortable to use while travelling and allows you to carry bulky items with ease. But designers made innovations to cater to comfort, practicality and design, creating modern messenger bags that we have now today. 

    Modern messenger bags are great when travelling with laptops, lunchboxes and paper works, allowing your hands to be free to do more. This type of bag will not compromise your style as they come in different designs and fabric materials.

  • Backpacks

  • The backpack is the most coveted type of bag that men purchase, just like sneakers and caps. Among all the other types, the backpack offers the most versatile design and is the only men's bag where you can purchase three and get to use them all.

    What’s great about backpacks is that they can also adapt to your lifestyle. You can use a smart backpack for your outdoor adventures on weekends, during your business-casual commuting or even when you go training at the gym. It is a genuine menswear classic, adapting to practically every man on this planet.

  • Tote Bags

  • When you are torn between a briefcase and a backpack in terms of style and scale of formality, then a tote bag is a great option for you. It combines utility and practicality, but is sleek enough to be noticed.

    Tote bags are versatile and have an easy-access design, perfect as a work bag, beach bag, gym bag and shopping bag. One downside is that this type of bag is vulnerable to the “Nice handbag you got there” comments from at least one of your friends or colleagues.

  • Cross-Body Bags
  • Cross-body bags, formerly known as bumbags, are perfect as streetwear and are the most practical everyday man’s bag. You can carry your usual things like your keys, phone and wallet using this bag. Unless you're carrying a laptop, this bag is something you can bring every day.

    Cross-body bags go with every type of clothing you have, from tracksuits to tailored pieces, so you can practically use it anywhere, just like backpacks.

  • Weekender Bags

  • Your weekender bag is perfect when you have travel plans or long adventures on the road. It gives you practicality when it comes to packing enough clothes and undergarments whilst giving you the overall look of a man with taste and time for leisure and play. This is also perfect for holding your travel essentials and neat capsule wardrobe. 

    Weekend bags such as duffle or the holdall can also serve as a hybrid bag for work or for gyms.

  • Laptop Bags

  • When you want to travel with your laptop by your side, the most important thing that you should do is to keep it safe and secure as it is the most expensive thing you have when travelling from and to work, or anywhere. The laptop bag can just do that for you by protecting your computer while adding class and style to your overall look, spicing up your everyday office suit.


    Whatever the occasion, wherever your next adventure is and whoever you’re with, it’s always great for men to have options that take comfort, practicality and style into serious consideration. When it comes to men’s bags, you can always choose what suits your needs and style, just like the variety of collections you have for your shoes and caps.

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