Should I Use a Bigger or Smaller Canvas Duffle Bag

Investing in a canvas duffle bag is one of your best choices because they're a lightweight but durable option for people who are always on the go. However, with the several sizes available, it can be tricky to determine if you need a bigger or smaller bag for your next trip. 

Fortunately, to keep you organised, we put together some steps for choosing the best and finding the proper bag size. 

5 Things to Consider When Selecting Your Canvas Duffle Bag

Before booking your next flight, this section discusses five things to consider to help you select the best canvas duffle bag for your trip. 

  1. Things to Pack

Before you buy your canvas duffle bag, you must determine what you'll pack for the trip to help you check the bag's available space. It's also best to consider the additional equipment you may need for your trip. For example, if you'll be travelling abroad for a business trip, you should find a bag to carry your trusty laptop. 

  1. Length of Trip

Next, you should identify how long you'll be travelling. Longer trips usually mean larger canvas duffle bags. An average-sized bag works best if you'll only be gone for two weeks or less. On the other hand, a giant bag is more appropriate for longer trips.

  1. Climate of Your Destination

It's also best to consider your destination's climate when getting your canvas duffle bag. A bag with thicker material works best if you'll be flying to colder regions to protect your belongings from moisture.

  1. The Bag's Material

We recommend picking canvas duffle bags with no toxic materials if you want an environmentally-friendly option. Avoid plastic bags or carriers made from PVC or vinyl to prevent mould growth.

  1. Size 

Lastly, you must examine the canvas duffle bag's size to determine if you have space for your belongings, especially if you'll be carrying electronic devices. Consider finding a bag with compartments to organise your electronic belongings and clothes to avoid them from expanding during your trip.

6 Typical Canvas Duffle Bag Sizes 

The length of your trip will ultimately decide what size you need for your canvas duffle bag. While people usually use the 40L bag as a carry-on, some can carry more than 40L. This section will discuss the recommended measures you can buy. 

  1. 300L

A 300L canvas duffle bag works best for storing your food and drinks. It's also perfect if you want something to pack your things for a camping trip efficiently.

  1. 200L, 250L 

While these big canvas duffel bags can fit most of your essentials for a long trip, they're difficult to carry and take up a lot of space in the luggage compartment, especially if you don't choose carry-on luggage. 

  1. 180L

A 180L canvas duffle bag works best if you carry several clothes and other belongings.

  1. 170L

This large, high-quality canvas duffle bag also works best for long trips and is suitable for safely carrying all your belongings. These bags are also odour resistant and waterproof. 

  1. 150L 

These 150L canvas duffle bags are popular among parents since they can hold several clothes up to 35kgs. On the other hand, we recommend getting a 70L if you have a heavier load.

  1. 100L 

Lastly, this 100L canvas duffle bag will be big enough to store your clothes but easy to carry when riding a plane or train. 

Packing Up in Style

Because of their durability and stylishness, canvas duffle bags continue to gain popularity among people who are always on the go. Determining your needs can help you find the right bag for your next trip. 

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