Key Features All the Best Messenger Bags Have

We all think that messenger bags are great for stylish individuals who want to carry their valuables in a functional, practical bag. Messenger bags give you a professional look that you would find hard to pull off with a backpack. Because of this, messenger bags remain popular today for carrying laptops, documents, tablets, and many other tiny possessions.

Before you start shopping for a work messenger bag, be mindful of the core features you need. If a bag doesn’t have them, it will not meet your needs and serve your style. Here is a list of the key features to seek out in the best messenger bags. Let’s get started:

What Are The Key Features Of A Messenger Bag? 

When searching for a messenger bag, there are certain attributes you should look for that are standard across all messenger bags, and these include:


The most important factor when it comes to messenger bags is the design. This is because it will be a physical representation of who you are for all to see. You don’t want to buy a messenger bag that flaunts what you hold precious, so you should always check out the design first.

When reviewing designs, you should get a sense of how fashionable or professional the bag is. If a bag looks too casual or too professional, it won’t serve you well. You want a bag that reasonably displays your personal style while also making a strong fashion statement.

Size of the Bag

The fit of the bag is of utmost importance. Measuring the width of your shoulders and the variety of items you carry will help you get a bag that is the right size. Most bags come with a strap that is around 2 inches wide and is adjustable, so you have some leeway in where the bag sits on your shoulders.

To ensure the bag is the right size, position the strap at the base of your neck and wrap the strap around your shoulder. Bend your arm behind your back and make sure that the bag comfortably rests against your back. You should be able to hold it in place with your arm so that the bag doesn’t slip off your shoulders.

A Comfortable Shoulder Strap

When you are buying a messenger bag, the shoulder strap is the most crucial component. There are hundreds of different shoulder straps, and most of them are uncomfortable.

Look for a shoulder strap that is made from a breathable material that is tough and comfortable to wear, you should also choose a strap that is adjustable to fit your style and size.

The shoulder strap should also be padded and ergonomic so that it feels good on your shoulder. Also, look for a shoulder strap with a soft shoulder pad that won’t dig into your shoulder when you wear it.


One of the most common mistakes people make when buying a messenger bag is to find one that has too few pockets. The best messenger bags have enough small pockets and large pockets.

The best places to look for pockets are the front pocket and the inside of the bag. The front pocket should be large enough to fit your smartphone, car keys, and small valuables.

The inside of the bag should have pockets so you can easily store your items. Look for a bag that has large pockets and a mesh pocket to store water bottles and umbrellas.


Messenger bags may very well be the perfect combination of style and functionality. It allows you to carry your laptop and other valuables and you look professional wearing one. When choosing your next work messenger bag, make sure to look for the features discussed above so you’ll get the most out of your purchase.

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