Here’s How to Wash a Polyester Backpack in 7 Steps – Part 2

In the first part of this article, we learned the detailed steps on how to wash a polyester backpack. In this second part, we will answer common questions about washing a polyester backpack.

If you have not read the first part, go and check that out first. If you did, then continue reading below for you to learn more.

Can You Wash a Polyester Backpack in a Washing Machine?

Polyester is a very easy material to wash and work with at home. You can wash most polyester items, but it is recommended that you first check the care label of your item. This will dictate whether it is a go or no about washing it in the machine.

There are also certain detergents that could potentially damage the colour, material or other features of the bag. Instead of using just any detergent you find, we recommend that you use a mild detergent and even do some research on whether certain detergents are polyester-safe.

Do not ever use bleach to wash your polyester backpack. Bleach is a very strong cleaner and could damage the material, as well as strip your backpack of colour.

Can You Tumble Dry a Polyester Backpack?

You can tumble dry your polyester backpack at a low temperature. However, do not leave it in the heat too long as this could shrink and damage the fabric. Keep it at a low-level heat for a short amount of time, then continue to hang it out to dry.

However, note that polyester dries fast, so there really is no need to put it in a tumble dryer. Leaving it out to hang should be more than enough.

Can You Iron a Polyester Backpack?

As mentioned above, slight exposure to heat should be fine. However, overexposure will shrink the fabric. This is also not really necessary as polyester fabric tends to straighten out over time. At most, it is recommended that you use a steam iron to get out the wrinkles. A regular iron would also work, but it is still not recommended.


How to Dye a Polyester Backpack?

Synthetic fabrics may be tougher for you to dye and require special materials. If you really do plan on dyeing your polyester backpack, make sure to do your research on what kind of dye you should be using. It is also ideal to have a backup bottle of dye present to help you out in case you make a mistake.

Try to test out the dye first before using it on your backpack. You can try it on a smaller area of your backpack that is not visible or on extra polyester materials that you may have lying around. Make sure to follow the instructions closely so that you do not accidentally mess up the dye job that you will be performing on your backpack. Try to do research online too to see how others did it.


Now you know more about washing and drying up your polyester backpacks. You should not be worried too much about ruining your backpack because polyester is a fairly easy material to work with. As long as you follow our tips and the bag’s care label, then you should not be afraid of destroying your polyester bag.

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