Cleaning Your Canvas Bag_ A How-To Guide (Part One)

If you are in search of a bag you can use across all seasons, you may want to consider getting yourself a canvas bag! This type of bag can be paired with almost any outfit and style. It is a literal everyday bag. This is why it is essential to clean your bag when it gets too dirty. 

To be able to continue wearing your favourite bag, one of the most important things you need to know is how to wash it. Remember, just like with clothes, bags will also have special maintenance instructions that have to be followed to keep them looking brand new for longer.

Should the time arrive for you to wash your canvas bag, it pays to know how to properly do it. This two-part blog post will shed light on everything you need to know about how to clean and maintain your canvas bag.

Cleaning Your Canvas Bag: A How-To Guide (Part One)

Just like anything, bags need to be cleaned and maintained to ensure that the quality stays the same for as long as it can. A bag that does not get regular washes will not stay in top shape as one that receives periodic washes and cleaning sessions. 

Crucial Steps to Take Before Actual Cleaning

Before you even think of washing your bag, there are two essential steps you need to get done first. These steps will help you ensure that you will be doing the right washing tactics for your bag.

1 - Bleeding Test

The bleeding test will test if the colour of the bag will “bleed” and mess with the rest of the bag’s design or with any other clothes or laundry you have that comes in contact with the same water as your bag. To do this, dip a small portion of the bag into a bowl of water and leave it to stand there for around ten minutes. If you see that some dye or colour bled into the water, it is not safe to be washed with other materials that may get affected by the dye. You may skip this test if your bag is pure white.

2 - Washing Safety

This step will involve you checking the parts of your bag that may be damaged during the washing process. If it has beads, sequins, or other elements that may get removed when you wash, you should take extra steps to take care of these elements when you wash your bag.

Prepare Your Bag

After performing the steps above, it is now time to prepare your bag for the washing process. At this point, you should remove all contents of your bag and use a vacuum cleaner to get rid of any extra dust and lint found inside and on the surface of the bag. 


Keeping your bag clean will make its colour last longer, keep it functional, free of holes and damage, and ensure that your favourite bag stays attractive. However, this article did not cover everything when it comes to cleaning canvas bags! Read the second instalment to this article to get the continuation of the proper steps to maintain your bag.

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