Best Urban Hikes Around The World

Hong Kong’s Lion Rock Country Park

     If you like hiking but can’t seem to find the time to explore the wilderness where you live, why not try hiking a little bit closer to home? Say, London, for example? Wait, there aren’t any mountains or wilderness trails in London, so how can you hike there? Urban hiking is becoming one of the fastest growing trends among people all over the world. In big cities and interesting locales, people everywhere are donning their daypacks, rucksacks and cross body bags and exploring the city around them.

     Urban hiking trades the typical nature-spotting wilderness hike for tall buildings, local cafes and other attractions that you might never have known were there unless you actually looked. Using the latest smartphone technology and a wide range of urban hiking apps, you can explore just about any city in the world. In fact, we are going to share some of our favourite cities from around the world which are perfect for urban hikes. Let’s get started:

Best Urban Hiking Cities Around The World

Hong Kong- Hong Kong’s Lion Rock Country Park might not be as popular of a hiking destination as Dragon’s Back, known as the 'ultimate Hong Kong hike’, Lion Rock offers some incredible views that make the two-mile hike worth it. You can see Kowloon and Hong Kong Island’s dense, towering skyscrapers at the peak which makes this hike perfect for photogs.

London- the Capital Ring Walk offers a mixed terrain course enabling urban hikers to see the London landscape as well as some of the city’s most popular neighbourhoods. Divided into 15 parts, the Capital Ring Walk combines city life with some of the area’s best natural reserves. From historic synagogues and locally-owned pubs, to busy canals, wildlife and more, see the true side of London that only the locals really know.

Los Angeles- Los Angeles’ West Observatory Trail offers urban  hikers a wide range of paths to choose from, each reaching the city’s Griffith Observatory. One of the most beautiful scenic urban hikes in the US, you will find a clear vantage of the Hollywood Sign and witness the sun setting on the City Of Angels as it turns everything a colourful pink hue.

Edinburgh- Arthur's Seat in Edinburgh gives you a beautiful view of an extinct volcano, rugged highlands and some of the UK’s most beautiful neoclassical and Georgian architecture. If you take Salisbury Craigs, you will be treated with some very different perspectives of the region. The journey takes around two to three hours to complete, so its best to throw some snacks and an extra water bottle in your Troop London backpack.

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