4 Effective Ways You Can Use Waist Packs for Hiking

Have you ever had the feeling that carrying a heavy day pack on a short hike was pointless? Or perhaps you've gone on a walk without a backpack, only to discover that you needed water. 

Maybe you've just grown tired of carrying weights around your shoulders. Or perhaps all you want is to find out what it's like to hike using only the lightest gear possible.

What Is a Waist Pack?

A waist pack is a bag you can wear around your waist or hips. You can find these in other styles, such as bags you can wear like a fanny pack. 

Some of them are small, but most are large enough to fit water bottles, snacks, your mobile phone, and a few other necessities. You can even use a waist pack to carry your camera and any other equipment you may need.

However, waist packs are not just for hiking. You can use them for all kinds of activities. You can carry them while you hike, but you can also wear them on a bike ride. So what are the effective ways of using waist packs for hiking? Here are four ways of doing that:

  • Store Water in Your Waist Pack

  • Of course, the primary reason why you will probably want to carry a waist bag on your hike is that it's the easiest way to hold water. Simply put, you won't be able to take a lot of water in your backpack.

    It is beneficial because you can stay hydrated while you hike. This will help you in no time as you continue on your hiking adventure.

    However, wearing a waist pack might be difficult. If you have a hiking backpack, you must take it off and set it down each time you need to drink water. Your hands are free to accomplish other things when you wear a waist pack, so taking water anytime would be no problem.

  • Use Your Waist Pack To Carry Your Snacks

  • You should always stock up on snacks whenever hiking. That way, you can have proper nutrition whenever you need it. 

    If you need water and snacks before getting on your hike, you should carry them first into your backpack. But what if you're already out on your hike? What if you need a snack? You will have to take off your entire pack just to find your snack.

    You're better off using a waist pack to carry your snacks. This way, you can easily access your snacks without stopping to remove and rummage through your backpack.

  • Use Your Waist Pack As A First Aid Kit

  • When you go on a hike, you should always have a first aid kit with you just in case something happens. Because you can never be sure when you'll require it, it's always better to be prepared than to be caught off guard.

    In a risky hiking situation, a first-aid kit can save your life. You never know when you or your company will get a knee injury that needs sutures. As a result, anytime you go hiking, you should always have a basic first aid kit.

  • Use Your Waist Pack As A Flashlight Holder

  • Of course, you will need a flashlight on a hiking trip. However, it can be challenging to carry around in your backpack. It will only add to the weight that you're already carrying. Thus, you're better off just putting it in your waist pack. You'll have easy access to your flashlight without worrying about it dropping out this way.


    When you go hiking, you should attempt to utilise waist packs. You won't have as much trouble when you go hiking with this type of pack. Your time spent walking will be enhanced in many ways as a result, as you soon discover. After giving it a shot, you probably won't ever return to carrying around a standard backpack again.

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