Choosing the Best Carry-on Luggage to Fit Your Needs

Given the additional cost of paid checked bags, we often try to fit everything into a piece of carry-on luggage. However, these bags need to fit in with the limitations set by airlines.

Getting luggage that can fit everything you need and pass airline regulations is necessary when travelling abroad. Depending on the duration of your travel or the terrain you will be going through, you may need a different bag compared to others.

While there is no perfect bag, we will help you find the best carry-on luggage that will fit your needs. Here are some factors you may need to consider:

How Big Should Your Bag Be?

Carry-on luggage size is one of the most important factors to consider. Airline dimensions for carry-on luggage differ depending on the airline you are flying with. 

Most of them may limit you to 21-22 inches x 13-15 inches (53.3-55.9 cm x 33-38.1 cm). Low-cost carriers may be even more restrictive with their requirements and charge for multiple bags.

You will want to go for a bag that fits the airline's restrictions you frequently travel with.

Also, consider that you may have even less space inside if your bag tapers off at the ends. You may also want to check the bags for straps, hooks, and wheels that are placed in areas that reduce the internal space of the bag.

How Heavy Is Your Luggage?

Carry-on luggage weight is another essential factor to consider. You would want the lightest weight possible for your bag, especially if flying with low budget airlines who may weigh your bag before boarding.

Bags with complex parts, wheels, and attachable daypacks have added weight to them despite the functionality.

You can get a travel scale so you can weigh your bag before heading to the airport. This is also useful for you to weigh your checked luggage.

Is Your Bag Durable?

Travel can be rough, especially if you are hiking and exploring different terrain. You would want to get a bag that can handle a bit of roughness and abuse. This is best determined by the material used. There are durable and waterproof canvas luggage bags that can take some wear.

You will need to consider the terrain you are going on, whether you are going on paved roads and hallways or if you are going hiking on some dirt road. It is best to go heavy-duty as these can withstand some rough use over the years.

Pleasant and Functional Design

While you should go for a travel bag that will fit your needs and travel plans, it always helps if the bag is pleasant to look at and is functional. 

Does it have pockets to organize the items you need, or do you prefer one huge space that allows you to fit in anything you want? Does it have hooks so you can hang your jackets, shoes, or rain gear as you move around? These design features may be significant depending on your needs.


Getting a carry-on is an important purchase, and you would want to get the best bag that matches your travel plans. 

You would want the bag to be durable, functional, and helpful in organizing the items you need. It would help if you also considered its weight and how much space is available inside compared to how much it weighs.

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