Carrying Style - Reasons Why Women Love Handbags So Much

Carrying Style: Reasons Why Women Love Handbags So Much

There is no way to separate women from their love of handbags. While many people usually attribute their style to the clothes that they wear or the jewels that they flaunt during special events, everyone can agree that rain or shine handbags are the totems that summarize the overall theme of a woman's wardrobe.

That being said, people who may not be in the loop would have a hard time understanding a woman's admiration and support for their handbags; that is why we have written a couple of viable reasons below why that may often be the case.

The first reason that handbags hold a lot of value for women is that they can be likened to their lives. Women are known to be fickle creatures, and it does not help that society has allowed them to do so. Being able to switch their gears at the drop of a hat or even to consist of many different personalities in their life is no easy feat; a handbag can help match their outfits and their moods while they undergo the many changes that they have to undergo.

Another reason why women love handbags so much is that it is one of their favourite accessories. Women would often say that bags are really the first things that they check when getting dressed for the day, which is why women would often make sure that they are always up-to-date with their designs.

Women also love it since it serves as a conversation starter. As stated before, women love to collect a ton of handbags that contain their favourite brands and their most treasured possessions.

As a result, handbags are really great conversation pieces that women would love to have shared with their fellow ladies. They also make great gifts to be shared as well.

Women would also love to collect handbags to show off their social status. For example, a woman who can afford a handbag worth a couple of thousand dollars will naturally feel pretty special and different from the crowd.

How Do Women Pick the Right Handbag for Their Style?

  1. a) Size and Shape

Women would also love to be able to keep as many things in their handbags as possible. They also want to make sure that their handbags complement the outfit they are currently wearing.

  1. b) Quality

Women would also want to make sure that the items that they keep inside their bags would stay intact as they go from place to place. They would want to make sure that their bags are durable enough to survive the wear and tear of everyday life.

  1. c) Multiple Uses

Women would also love to have a bag that can be easily converted into a purse or a tote. They would also want to have bags that can be converted into a laptop case, a handbag, and a crossbody bag.

  1. d) Make It Personal

Women would want to make sure that their handbags can also become a statement piece and a centrepiece to their outfits.

  1. e) Women Love Exclusive Items

Women would also want to look for exclusive accessories that can be used as handbags. These include designer handbags that renowned designers and famous bag brands create.


Handbags are indeed one of the most popular products of the 21st century. Whether they are young or old, women would always want to have one which they can call their own. For this reason, the demand for it will never go down, which can be seen in the way that the bag industry is booming all over the globe.

While some people may not understand why women are so in love with bags, it is still certain that a handbag will never lose its value in the eyes of its owner.

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